4 Recommendations on how to protect your iPhone X

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4 Recommendations on how to protect your iPhone X

The iPhone X is just one of the most exciting smartphone releases ever in history. With a wonderful new design, Apple fans and smartphone users adored every change–except that the new iPhone X was made with one catastrophic flaw.

The iPhone X is really the most breakable smartphone created. Equipped with a glass front and rear, one single accident can shatter the phone. Many technology experts report, one fall will break the phone and you will no longer be able to use it. The iPhone X  also scored a 90 out of 100 in the breakability rating. Competitors like Samsung and earlier iPhone variations scored between a 60 to 75 in contrast.

Just how are you supposed to make sure that your iPhone X stays safe? How will you be certain that it doesn’t accidentally slip out of your hands and you end up with a broken screen?   If you have an iPhone X or if you plan on purchasing one, then you need to figure out how to guard this delicate device before the first accident happens. Make sure you take this precaution before it is too late.

1- Purchase a Durable Case

When accidents happen, you need a phone case. The ideal case may be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a shattered screen. Even though iPhone users really like to display their device free of a case, it should not be the case for this particular model.

If you are more prone to cracking your phone, acquire yourself a durable and robust case. A few, such as LifeProof and OtterBox, claim to safeguard your phone from falls and perhaps even potential water damage and mold. CNET recommends deciding on a case with raised edges around the screen; this is going to avoid the screen from shattering if you drop your phone on its surface.

2- Cover The Screen

Still, another solution to keep your iPhone X safe against damage is always to use a screen protector, or even perhaps a whole-phone casing. The protective glass sticks directly onto the screen of one’s phone, acting as the first line of defense against cracked and scratched glass.

Screen protectors and phone protect can be found in 2 forms: tempered glass or flexible vinyl. In case you drop your phone, the screen protector or the skin tends to absorb the damage, leaving your actual smartphone undamaged.

What happens in case the protective coating is damaged? Rather than spending $1000 for a fresh iPhone X, it is possible to easily replace your screen protector or shield.

3- Insert a Grip

Covering your phone and having a protective case is a superb solution to maintain your iPhone X in case of a drop. However, you might also simply take precautions to reduce falls from happening to start with–you only need a better grasp.

The slim, sleek look of this iPhone X makes it simple to drop when talking on your phone, shooting photos, or even sending a text. As a way to get a better grip, you may incorporate a grip on the back of your phone. You should be able to find yourself a ring, even a pullout rack, or possibly a circle to hold that sticks on your phone. This will help you get a better grip and ensure that you are dropping your phone less.

4- Buy an Insurance Policy

You’re able to take every precaution and still wind up with a shattered iPhone. Fortunately, insurance is designed for the unexpected.

Whenever you purchase your own iPhone from Apple, you can pay extra for AppleCare. For $199, AppleCare will pay for your damages. Rather than paying the $550 Apple charges to replace a busted iPhone X screen, you are going to cover a maintenance fee of only $30. Even though this insurance is higher priced, people who have a habit of dropping their phone will gain from having repairs insured.

Protect Your iPhone X Before It’s Too Late

Do not wait until the worst happens. You can not keep your valuable iPhone X once it’s laying face down on the sidewalk; you want to safeguard its beautiful glass exterior until you accidentally lose it.

If you never take the ideal precautions, it’s simply a matter of time before it shatters. Fixing this mistake can save you the skyrocketing cost of a brand new phone, $1000 or even more, or even expensive repairs which total upwards of $500. Why pay to undo the mistake when you might avert it entirely for only a couple dollars now?

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