7 Best Beaches in San Francisco

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7 Best Beaches in San Francisco

As the light-hearted, carefree days of summer are coming to an end for the majority of the nation, San Franciscans are getting ready for the best period of the year. Unlike other parts of California, a coating of fog brings bad weather on SF from June through August. Subsequently come September, the sun shows itself and summertime arrives in the town, attracting hot temperatures through early autumn.

Even though San Francisco is famous for its scenic roads, amazing people, and architecture such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the town by the Bay includes some gorgeous beaches. That is correct, San Francisco has  beaches! And since these seven areas are in town limits, you’re able to make it there through public transit, plus they’re only a short ride away. But unlike the renowned beaches of Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California, do not expect to really go for a swim in SF waters — the water is icy cold, with temperatures as low as the 50’s. Swimsuits are still needed to sunbathe. Pack a picnic, grab your friends, and go outside for each day at the sand.

1- Baker Beach

Once the sun comes out, local beachgoers flock to the popular beach destination, even rendering it in to an incredibly lively and social landscape. Baker Beach runs for about a mile across the western border of the Presidio and confronts outside across the San Francisco Bay. It is Dog friendly and has excellent views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands round the bay.

The parking fills up very fast on weekends especially during  nice weather, therefore be ready to struggle to get a parking spot or get ready to do a little bit of exercise by walking. Additionally quite essential to see: that the northernmost end of Baker Beach is clothing-optional and is now a favorite spot for naked sun bathers. Because locals are comfortable with a nudist beach, it makes San Francisco  very distinct. If public nudity is not your thing then stay on the south side of the beach and you will have no problems.

2- China Beach

Located close to Baker Beach but less crowded compared to it. China Beach is just a brief strip of sand dispersed between 2 rocky cliffs  inside the town’s posh Sea Cliff area. This beach was once the home of Chinese fishing camps. This is how it earned its name. Most of the time you will find street parking available in the area. If the tiny parking lot is full, then you will have to explore the surrounding neighborhoods for parking. China Beach is surrounded by multi-million dollar neighborhood homes. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from China Beach and when the tide is low you can hike across the rocks to Baker beach. The most special part of China Beach is that it is tucked away in a cove between steep cliffs. This helps keep strong winds at bay and helps the sand stay nice and warm.

3- Marshall’s Beach

Situated on the opposite side of Baker Beach to the north, Marshall’s Beach is significantly more rocky and secluded as well as more amazing than its neighbors. The main reason Marshall’s Beach is not as frequented is really because you can only get to it by hiking the steep staircase and footpaths that wind down the bluffs into the coast. The beach might get super thin in high tide, which means you may like to check out the tides before going with your own gear. Much like the north of Baker, Marshall’s is really a clothing-optional beach where it’s normal to see naked sun bathers loving the  best life has to offer.
For that adventuresome visitor, once the tides are high you can scale round the stones, moving north over the coastline, and soon you reach the root of the Golden Gate Bridge. Just make certain never to get captured by the rising tides!

4-  Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the longest and widest beach in all of San Francisco. It runs the entire coast of the Pacific Ocean, which is 3.5 miles. Because of its large area,it has space for everyone and hardly ever gets over crowded. This beach is very au natural with no high rises or beach front properties along the ocean front. All you will see is sand and the ocean. The center of the Ocean Park is on the border of the Western end of Golden Gate Park.

Swimming is not really recommended at Ocean Beach. The high tides and cold water temperatures make it for very unpleasant swimming . Surfers on the other hand can catch amazing waves at this beach. The north end is especially known for killer waves.

Using a bonfire with friends and family on the beach may seem like something out of a TV show, however it is achievable. If you arrive early enough, you may possibly find a way to grab one of Ocean Beach’s six people bon-fire rings, and fulfill of your California fantasies.

5- Fort Funston

South of Ocean Beach is Fort Funston. This is a gorgeous stretch of au natural California shore, which is a wonderful place for collecting seashells. It is also a dog friendly beach and a heaven for dog owners to run around with their fur friends. The high cliffs that line this beach create natural barriers that enable dogs to roam free and not have to be kept under a watchful eye.

Fort Funston is also known for hang gliding. The air drafts here are perfect. It’s a site for sore eyes to watch the hang gliders take off on their journey from the cliffs above the beach and fly around in the air with little to no effort.

6-  Chrissy Field

Chrissy Field is known for its amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. There is plenty of parking, which make it a hassle free option to visit. The actual Sandy part of the beach is not that wide, but this gives you a closer proximity to other parts of the beach such as the walking paths and the picnic tables. There are great areas for bird watching. On a windy day the kite boarders and windsurfers come out to fly around the Golden Gate Bridge. .

7- Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach is found in a small private cove hidden in the rocky shore of San Francisco’s amazing Lands End recreation area. Lands End is situated in the corner of the city where the ocean meets the bay. This provides gorgeous panoramic views from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to the Pacific.

The smallest stretch of beach on the list, Mile Rock Beach is more appropriate for some nice walks and searching the rocks and tide pools. It’s only reachable from a collection of hiking  trails and sits at the base of a very long, tight pair of stairs, so get prepared for a rough hike when going back up.

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