Pros and Cons: Cable TV vs Streaming Services

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Pros and Cons: Cable TV vs Streaming Services

Trying to choose a cable company is one of those activities when you are moving that you leave for the end to do.  Searching through all the carriers in your area can be extremely frustrating. This frustration leads to an increase in registration in applications like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Roku.

Which option is ideal for you personally? Continue reading for the advantages and disadvantages of Internet streaming services and good old-fashioned cable television.

Streaming Services: Pros


Whereas cable businesses lock one to strict yearly contracts, streaming services are absolutely flexible. It’s possible to subscribe and then cancel — anytime you would like, without the contingency penalties or fees.


Internet streaming services have been significantly reduced compared to the huge cable providers. By chance, you may subscribe to Hulu Plus or even Netflix for significantly less than $10 a month.

Customized Viewing

Along with streaming services, you may frequently sign up to your own favorite shows, and the service will alert you as new episodes have been posted. They are also quite “smart,” and suggest movies and television shows which you may like based on your own watch history.

Internet Streaming Services: Cons

High-Speed Internet Required

While this is not really an enormous “con,” understand you will want to own high-speed Internet to guarantee uninterrupted streaming. Chances are you have it, but bear in mind — it’s more expensive than the standard-speed Internet.

No Internet? No watching.

That is correct — if you are having slow internet or your internet isn’t working, you are going to be left up at night with nothing to watch.

Cable: Pros

More Shows

Are you currently really liking a channel? Have you got a set of shows that you watch on a lot more than twenty-five stations? If this is so, you may like to elect for a fantastic old-fashioned cable corporation. Most cable businesses offer packages which range from 20 stations to over 200 stations.


More or less all standard cable packages offer ESPN along with other big sports networks. Can’t envision life with no Monday Night Football or even the World Series?

You may want to stay on cable.

Cable: Cons

Cable packages are somewhat costly. Sure they can tempt you with a shiny, lively bargain for the very first 12 months, but get ready for the prices to grow later on. Additionally, any price increases imposed by channels in your cable package comes up on your invoice, therefore it is possible for the monthly price to rise much before your contract finishes.

Your final decision on cable or streaming services does not need to be white and black — go across and build your hybrid package! There are a great deal of price-conscious solutions for people that like to station surf but still like the luxury of streaming if they please. Opt for a smaller cable package (with high-speed Internet) and couple it along with your own streaming service of choice.

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