What are some kid friendly attractions in Los Angeles?

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What are some kid friendly attractions in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is well known for celebrities and glamour. What lots of people don’t realize is that Los Angeles is a city that is a lot of fun for children and families. Some of the well known kid attractions in the Greater Los Angeles area are of course Universal Studios and Disneyland. Disneyland has also now expanded its park and has Disneyland California Adventure. You will also find a number museums and restaurants that are kid friendly. Below are the ten most kid friendly attractions in the Los Angeles area from museums to theme parks.


Giggle N’ Hugs is really a restaurant, however, it has a whole lot more than simply food. Along with high quality cuisine, the restaurant provides a play space with tunnels and slides, story time, face painting and much more. Let us not neglect the food though – kids may delight in the inventiveness and fantastic taste of their menu items (kids may also create their own pizza at the dining table) and parents may love that the meals are mostly organic and locally grown and all menu items are made fresh each day. There’s an entry fee of $8 or less according the child’s age. Parents admission is free. .


Children will build up a brand new appreciation for mathematics at the California Science Center. Here  they can see how chemistry and physics connect with the regular world. With hands on experiments and shows covering how mathematics works from sound waves to space, kids will feel more knowledgeable about the planet that they live in – parents will too! Popular displays are whisper dishes which allow you and the kids to talk over the room to one another, learning how the virtual reality technology works, BodyWorks that educates kids about the organs in your body, and also the Water Zone where kids find out how water may offer energy.


Kids have fun leaping down the side walk on each celebrity name block and realizing that they are standing on one of their movie idols stars. Teenagers will get excited to see stars of their favorite singers like Justin Timberlake and One Direction. Even the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, using handprints of many renowned stars permanently put inside the cement, which kids may have a blast seeing and comparing with the size of their very own hands. Want some downtime? The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – home to many movie premieres – really is just a movie  theatre for the  public to catch the latest movies.


Less than half an hour drive out of Los Angeles you will be taken centuries away. Medieval times is a dinner and show  entertainment venue that your kids will surely enjoy. It is a make believe entertainment show that you take part in. You are part of the townsfolk at the King’s castle. You will watch a knight and rider joust. Kids enjoy this very much and cheer on the jousting so that their knight can win and become the King’s Champion. Also, the knights and horses take part in a lot of cool tricks. There are lots of medieval types of food available such as rolls, finger foods, and chicken drums.


Universal studios is the home of the movie and tv world amusement park. There are lots of tours and rides at Universal Studios. Here you can see jaws eat a boat, ride the Simpsons ride, or watch the King Kong in 3D. There is also the Universal Studios City Walk, which is home to thirty different restaurants, 6 clubs, an IMAX theater and a lot of shops. Universal theater is full of a lot of different activities that can keep a kid busy all day. There are also lots to see for adults like the set of Desperate Housewives and the Back to the Future town square.


This is a non-profit museum  that is for children 8 years of age and younger. The mission is to teach children about global citizenship  and about cultures around the world.  The museum entertains and instructs kids through hands-on exhibits, which include things like arts and crafts, musical instruments, and playing dress up. With all of these interactive exhibits such as the kid size kitchens, children learn important life lessons. Children learn important lessons like diversity, and helping the earth and community. Children will surely like the interactive elements of the exhibits at the Zimmer Children’s Museum.


Santa Monica can be a really cool area of Los Angeles, located directly beside the Pacific ocean. The Santa Monica Pier is an excellent place to take children to. The Santa Monica Pier has lots to do for kids like rides, amusement park games, live music and food. The boardwalk is always filled with tourists and locals alike, but this crowd is still worth the fun that awaits and the view of the oceans and palm trees. This is also a great place to sit, relax and people watch.


Dinosaurs, birds, African American mammals, trendy stones and more – exactly what a kid wouldn’t like? The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles includes some fantastic exhibits. At Dinosaur Hall you can see among ten completed Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons from around the globe. Still another exhibit favored by families may be the Insect Zoo, that functions to teach people about the numerous diverse types of insect species on earth – with lots of live ones behind screens, and a few that kids may also touch. It is also possible to find out about minerals and gems, endangered species and California history whilst seeing the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.


Disney California Adventure can be found directly next to Disneyland and is where to go with older children who love gravity defying roller coasters. Also, it is home to the infamous tower of terror drop. Pixar fans will also have a lot of fun here because it is home to the Bug’s Life themed “a bug’s land”, which is great for younger children.  Car’s Land offers rides that allow people to race one another. There are also a lot of other rides with very popular Disney Characters like the Little Mermaid.


Disneyland is Walt Disney’s original vision for “the happiest place in the world,” and much more than 50 decades later it remains just that. Kids of all ages love spending all day and night here. This is the biggest amusement park in all of Anaheim California. You start your day with a stroll down Main Street and end it with fireworks. In between, select each of the large rides — the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Haunted House — and also make sure to visit Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and their buddies. Also, do not overlook Mr. Toad’s Wild trip or the Mad Tea Cups and invest a second afternoon at Disney’s California Adventure Park, also.

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