What should you not do when you have a cold or the flu?

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What should you not do when you have a cold or the flu?

Sniffling, sneezing, stuffy nose, nausea, and migraines: All these are the indicators of a cold or the flu. Every year, the common cold and the flu attack across America. This causes a large number of people to get sick for 2 weeks at one time. It is reported that more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized annually as a result of the flu–and a total of just one billion colds disturb Americans yearly.  Even though the cold and flu usually strikes during Fall and Winter, it isn’t uncommon for it to pay a visit during the other months of the year.

I don’t think anyone wants to suffer through another round of the flu or the common cold. Even with flu shots and cold medication, these illnesses do not discriminate and affect nearly everyone. You may think that you know it all when it comes to the cold and flu; however, it is possible that you do not and are in fact spreading the viruses around.

There are lots of mistakes that everyone makes when trying to prevent catching the common cold or the flu. We try the “old wives tales” on preventative measures that we heard from our parents, which may do more harm than good. It is possible that these old habits of yours mixed in with the ” old wives tales” are making you more susceptible to catching the common cold and the flu.

You Won’t Take a Day Off

Lots of folks, notabley people with demanding occupations, pretend they are not sick. Rather than resting up or admitting just how awful they are feeling, they make an effort to power through the sickness.

This is actually a significant mistake. Showing up to any office is simply likely to spread the herpes virus to colleagues. You will feel as if you can not skip a day of work, however also in reality “powering through” is likely to leave you worse off, and the disease will probably continue to spread.

You Are Too Hot

Lots of people wrongly believe that a cold, wintry atmosphere causes the cold and the flu. Colds and the flu are brought on by viruses, not a fever.

In reality, germs and viruses love hot temperatures–they can not live in the arctic cold. Bundling up for warmth isn’t likely to knock off a cold. Rather it can become an additional weight on the body which may weaken your immunity system, which makes you more prone to get ill. These hot temperatures can even induce vomiting.

You Are Taking the Incorrect Medicine

Whenever you are feeling the first hints of a cold or the flu coming on, what medication would you grab? If it’s antibiotics, you are making a dreadful mistake. Antibiotics are not supposed to take care of a cold or the flu; they truly are intended for fungal infections, not viruses. If you are taking antibiotics, you are not curing your disease in any way. You are essentially letting it flourish since your own body fights it off by itself.

In addition, even if you are avoiding antibiotics you might be taking the incorrect medication. Multi-symptom cold and flu medications, according to USA Today, may do more harm than good because they don’t really accurately cure your particular symptoms. Rather than aiming at what’s really hurting you personally, they truly are supposed to “cure” everything simultaneously. Because of this, they are able to heal nothing.

You Are Washing Both Hands Often

For years and years, it is often proven that the basic act of washing your own hands radically reduces the transmission and spread of disorders. But, there’s nothing wrong with washing your own hands too often–and it is possible to be overly “germ-free”

It’s typical for people to wash their fingers more often throughout a cold or flu epidemic. Frequent hand-sanitizer usage, cleaning your house, and maybe spraying air sanitizers is overkill; and it may result in more harm than good. Through the elimination of all germs in the environment, you decrease your immunity system’s immunity.

Do Not Make The Exact Same Cold Mistakes

Nobody enjoys catching a cold or getting afflicted by the flu. However, in a bid to protect against these annoying and tiring disorders we make mistakes–mistakes which may cause us to become vulnerable to these sicknesses.

If you are concerned about the common cold or flu, you will find different techniques to avoid it. Be certain that you speak to your physician about preventive measures, like a flu shot, along with the ideal medications you should take to alleviate your symptoms if you become ill.

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