Will Video Streaming Replace Cable Television?

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Will Video Streaming Replace Cable Television?

There was a time when cable TV was the only provider for consumers to get standard tv programming. This is no longer the case! The influx of internet video and video streaming services is currently threatening the presence of cable and satellite television.

Cable loyalists are currently finding it more convenient to watch their favorite show via streaming.  It has been reported that over 40% of households have a subscription to some video streaming service.

Another poll taken by a contracting firm shows that approximately 42% are leaning towards regular cable tv. Approximately 56% of people want to watch streamed videos. Young folks are more inclined to watch streamed tv whereas the elderly like to continue to pay for cable tv. Below are areas to compare before you make the switch from cable to streaming.

Features of Cable TV

  • One big advantage cable and satellite possess in comparison to over-the-top (OTT) systems would be the wide variety and level of programming. Streaming internet sites lack fresh content programming that’s already established on cable stations over a large period of time.
  • Additionally, popular sports are primarily offered live on cable unlike through streaming services. Yahoo is getting into the sports industry but it’s can’t compare to what cable provides for sports enthusiasts and even casual watchers.

Reasons For Decline in Cable TV Viewers

The main reasons why people are distancing themselves from cable and satellite television, is growth in subscription prices, selective bundles, and climbing community disputes. This can be causing frustration on the list of consumers that are upset at cable and satellite television providers.

Because of this, an increasing number of people are interested in finding a cost-effective alternative. But decline will not necessarily mean cessation in a variety of forms. A significant number of cable companies in the USA and Europe are trying to come to arrangements with OTT businesses to incorporate online programming using cable boxes. Examples include the Tie-Ups between both Virgin Media along with Netflix.

Good Reasons For Video Streaming Popularity

  • The increased use of the internet is occurring faster than you can imagine and is now becoming reliable. The range of smart TVs is also on the increase with an increasing number of people choosing those.
  • The freedom to see your favorite apps on demand on almost any device, and it being customized to appeal to specific tastes is overly lucrative.
  • The amount of internet television programs is usually upgraded and developments occur at a faster speed, promising viewers a remarkable watch.

The downsides of Video Streaming

The quality of these videos is exactly what works out to be quite a let down as far as streaming is concerned. The vast majority of streamed videos have been followed closely by problems like re-buffering, slow video startup, along with low-resolution images. For example, watching a sporting event in live streaming isn’t fun when the stream stops and jumps a couple moments ahead.

There are lots of factors which make streaming a challenging process– several types of devices that people use to watch videos on varying internet rates, types of modems, the type of routers, and so on. It is just like a game of opportunity. If you’re very blessed, you may truly have a fantastic viewing experience. Otherwise, you could wind up feeling extremely frustrated about being unable to see the series you want.

New tech is unquestionably disturbing that cable TV business, however, the simple fact remains that delivering quality video content on the internet in a trusted manner isn’t just a very simple job. The impending solution is apparently a type of compromise between OTT tech systems and cable or satellite solutions to make sure the most useful programming providers reach consumers at all times.

With firms like Amazon, TimeWarner Cable, and Comcast placed to foray into the video streaming section, It’s now a watch and wait game

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