Top 10 Ways to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection

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Top 10 Ways to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes slow internet can be the world’s way of telling you to take a break from your screen and to go enjoy the weather outside. In other instances, it is a mean way for the world to destroy your productivity.  Below are 10 strategies to troubleshoot, fix, or just survive a slow internet connection.

10- Assess Your Speeds (as well as Your Plan)

Sometimes, your internet is slow since you are simply paying for slow internet. Log in to your provider’s internet site (or call them) to learn exactly what plan you have. Afterward, go to and conduct a speed test. If the amounts match to exactly what you are paying for, then, your system is working fine and you are simply paying for slow internet–and the ideal solution to speed it up would be to upgrade. Keep reading for a couple of strategies to resolve the issue if the speed test doesn’t match what you are paying for.

9- Trouble Shoot Your Hardware

Prior to going and cursing out your internet provider, give your router and modem a quick reset (in other words, turn them on / off again) and then see whether this helps. Assess another computer at your home to determine whether its internet is slow, too–in case the poor speed only happens on a single computer, the issue is that computer, maybe not your modem or router. It will tell you all these troubleshooting steps to find out whether it is really a hardware issue. Afterward, as soon as you repair your modem or router (or replace it), you’re going to be good to go. Have a look at our full guide to understanding your system and to get more router hints, too.

8- Fix Your Signal

If you are using wi-fi, you may realize the router and internet are still fine, however, your wireless signal is weak, resulting in the slow internet. If that’s the circumstance, you might want to replace, tweak, or improve your own router with a couple of tricks. You can find much more than what we can talk about in a single paragraph–in actuality, we’ve got an entire list of suggestions, so check that out if need router help.

7- Turn-off Apps and Bandwidth-Hogging Plugins

When your device appears to be working fine, see whether any other apps have been hogging your connection. If you are downloading files with Bit Torrent, routine web browsing will become slower. You also need to attempt installing extensions such as AdBlock or even FlashBlock, which may block several of those bandwidth-hogging adverts, cartoons, and videos which could burn your connection.

File-syncing services such as Google-Drive, Dropbox, or even One Drive may be transferring data from your desktop, that may consume your bandwidth and slow down your internet connection. Drop those applications in the event that you find them moving files.

Computers frequently download necessary updates in the background, as you are doing something less web-intensive. You are able to configure your own PC to inform you before downloading any updates, and program installments once you are not using your personal computer. These repairs likely won’t fix all of your problems, however, they allow you to function with a slow connection.

6- Try a Fresh DNS Server

After you type an address in your browser such as–your own computers uses something named DNS to lookup and interpret that to some computer-friendly internet protocol address. Sometimes, however, the servers that your computer uses to research that info might have issues or go down entirely. Have a look at our guide to locating the fastest (and most secure) DNS servers to learn more.

5- Boost Your Online to get a Slow Connection

Perhaps you are at a coffee shop or even on a plane, and there is nothing you can do about the slow internet. If that’s the case, it is the right time to maximize your internet to get a slower connection: use mobile or HTML versions of your favorite websites, disable graphics, and use features such as Opera Turbo. Actually, we recommend preparing another browser on your device for only this kind of predicament–it really can make a huge difference if you will need to work with a slow connection. Google has a unique Info Saver expansion, which uses the provider’s servers to compress surfing data until you get a better connection.

4- Work Smart

If you have to do work with slow connection, you might need to prioritize activities differently than if your internet has been fast. So divide your tasks into bandwidth-heavy and bandwidth-light kinds. Get the light ones done if you have slow connection, and set all of the bandwidth-heavy tasks together which means that you are able to certainly do them when you get faster internet (also in the event that you fail to get it at home, see if you’re able to borrow a neighbors or a relatives simply for just a small tasks). In the same way, work on your browser if possible–if you are doing basic writing, work on your favorite text editor as opposed to on a browser. In the event you’d like job beforehand, you’re able to create the most of a lousy situation.

3- Call Your Internet Provider

When you’ve gone through all the essential steps and your internet continues to be slow, then it is the right time for you to call the internet provider to find out whether the issue is on your own end. Remember: do not simply assume they will have done something wrong, and talk to your customer care representative in regards to the slow connection. You are a lot more inclined to find fantastic outcomes. You may want to determine whether it is possible to find yourself a better bargain for your own internet.

2- Find a Brand New Provider

If your ISP can not help you (maybe they don’t really supply exactly the rates that you would like, or perhaps you are tired of dreadful customer service), it is the right time to find a new ISP. It’s likely you’ll have trouble with this, however as a result of the hold ISPs possess on the current market, stifling competition gives users few options from which to pick from. This can indicate a switch into an alternative sort of provider, such as cable, DSL, satellite, or even fiber. You ought to do just a bit of research before you get on the phone. Have a look at our guide to picking the best provider locally, and be certain that they supply the rates you desire.

1- Utilize Your Own Time Productively

If you are blessed, then you could get your internet rates straight up to fast and be stress-free. However otherwise, provided that job isn’t overly bandwidth-intensive, slow internet might make you more efficient.

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