2018 Smartphones: 5 new Features that will Wow you.

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2018 Smartphones: 5 new Features that will Wow you.

Smartphones were considered an amazing tech innovation when they first came into market ten years ago. They had features that regular cell phones did not. Some of the features include internet reception, different types of apps, and a touchscreen. Nowadays, the release of the next smartphone model is not as exciting. There are not many exciting updates to the features.

This coming year, the smartphone is predicted to have major changes. Many tech publications are predicting that 2018 will be the most exciting year for the smartphone since they first came into the market. A ton of innovative features will be released this year in the new smartphones that will make them smarter, and more powerful.

Below are 5 features being released in 2018 that you should look for.

1- Augmented Reality

Just forget about virtual reality headphones or different apparatus and displays. Augmented reality is arriving in smartphones, based on Samsung.

Though augmented reality efforts have been attempted years ago, such as Google’s canceled Tango AR job, smartphones now have the technology essential to support it. With high-end portable graphics cards and powerful chips, 2018’s newest smartphones enable one to combine reality with technology to get incredible augmented reality.

2- Artificial Intelligence

Smartphones might not have already been very peaking in 2017, nevertheless, the upgrades in hardware are making something exciting potential in 2018: smartphones having artificial intelligence. This calendar year, smartphones out of every corporation will consist of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, a radical shift.

Chinese smartphone company Huawei asserts the accession of AI will make our phones go from wise to intelligent. AI will change our phones forever.

3- USB C Adoption

Smartphone manufacturers are ready to present fresh charging ports as a result of widespread adoption of old charging equipment. In 2018,  leading smartphone manufacturers including Apple and Android will begin to work with standard USB C charging cables.

What exactly does USB C mean? Faster charging. USB-C connections tend to be faster than charging cables. In addition, with smartphone leaders using USB-C connections, you’ll no longer need to get another charger for every single gadget.

4- Sophisticated Fingerprint Scanners

Unlocking your mobile phone with your mic is currently the standard — however, fingerprint sensors are becoming even more prevalent in 2018. However, with smartphone displays getting bigger, the fingerprint detector introduces an issue for anyone that thinks it’s great.

Luckily, manufacturers dealing with Samsung show that the newest smartphones consist of brand-new inventions for fingerprint sensors. Forget placing your thumb over a button. You’ll only need to touch the screen to unlock the cellular device. 2018’s brand new phones will have the capacity to work as a complete display together with hidden and sensitive fingerprint unlocking.

5- Remote Wireless Charging

Charging cables are awkward and difficult to use in public places, therefore smartphone manufacturers are presenting wireless charging capabilities in the past couple of years. But wireless charging will become much easier in the months coming.

Both Apple and Samsung are introducing remote wireless charging capabilities to their smartphones. Soon, it is going to have the capacity to control your smartphone while it is really a substantial distance from the charging unit. You might charge your phone in a different room and sometimes even make use of a friend’s charger without even setting-down your phone.

Keep an Eye out for The Hottest Smartphone Features Coming Soon

Are you prepared to get a smartphone upgrade? In the event you were waiting to trade in your present mobile for a brand new, more intriguing version, 2018 will be the season to achieve that. With upgrades ahead that’ll take smartphones to brand new heights, this is going to be a great year.

These are not the only real new creations coming up. With smartphones becoming more and more competitive, the race to produce the trendiest, most technologically advanced phone is just picking up speed. In almost no time, you might have a smartphone that is entirely wireless, able to use AI, augmented reality, and much more.

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